TC205: [Case Study] Growing Your First 30 Students in 6 Months

Episode 205 - Growing your first 30 students in 6 months

Episode 205 - Growing your first 30 students in 6 months

Mary created a full studio in under six months. Hear how she did it! You’ll learn about growing your students and finding extra time for creative work in this episode.

Mary Chalaby joined Tim on the show to discuss how she achieved significant growth in her Brisbane studio within the first 6 months of establishing it.

She also tells us how joining Piano Pivot Live and TopMusicPro has helped boost her confidence in running the business from the start, helping her find encouragement and space to create.

In this conversation we’ll find out how she managed to make her business thrive and grow from zero to 30 students in record time, even during a pandemic!

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Transcript of the Show

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In this episode, you’ll get tips on growing your students:

  • [02:12] A quick introduction on Mary and her musical background.
  • [04:25] Mary shares her great first lesson experience.
  • [06:29] The story behind her video performances of playing beautiful hymns and musical arrangements.
  • [08:44] Her teaching background and how she started her business.
  • [09:39] The catalyst for starting her own music studio.
  • [11:34] The evolution of her business since she started in January 2020.
  • [13:02] Mary tells us more about her experience at the Piano Pivot Live Conference.
  • [14:01] How she uses the TopMusicPro membership for personal and business development.
  • [18:01] Creating her own curriculum for teaching her students.
  • [19:04] The benefits that Mary has gained since joining TopMusicPro.
  • [20:02] Her view on Joining subscriptions and justifying the costs that come with it.
  • [21:32] Improvements in her studio since attending Piano Pivot Live and joining TopMusicPro.
  • [24:01] Mary’s goals for her studio.
  • [25:02] The process of rebranding her studio.
  • [26:27] Her progress and plans on creating her own curriculum.
  • [28:42] Mary shares her future plans for expanding and growing her studio.
  • [30:00] The biggest scare she had after starting her business.
  • [30:38] AHA moments she has had in the last 8 months that have made a big difference in her studio.
  • [33:08] Advice for teachers who are thinking about joining TopMusicPro.

    About our Guest

    TopCast Episode 205 - Mary Chalaby

    Mary Chalaby is a pianist, teacher, music arranger and event manager. She has a passion for sharing her love of creative and high-quality music-making with her community, both through teaching and performing. Her studio, Koala Keys Music School, is located in  Brisbane, Australia.

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