TC203: Piano Pivot Live Mid-Year Results

TC203: Piano Pivot Live Mid-Year Results

TC203: Piano Pivot Live Mid-Year Results

It’s so inspiring to see that in just seven months after holding the Piano Pivot Live Conference, we have seen remarkable results from our participants.

Improved teaching techniques, professionalised businesses and student number growth are just some of changes that Caeli Hinkler and Elise Jeffrey have seen in their studios. And they’re going to share more about their experience in this episode.


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Transcript of the Show

If you’d like to download a PDF transcript of this episode, please click below.

In this episode, hear Piano Pivot Live results and inspiration

Caeli Hinkler

  • [03:11] The story of how she started teaching piano.
  • [04:14] Her studio and students before she attended Piano Pivot Live.
  • [04:52] Her biggest worries when she started teaching.
  • [07:18] How she heard about Piano Pivot Live.
  • [08:22] What it meant for her to get the PPL Scholarship.
  • [10:01] Her memorable moments at the conference.
  • [12:18] Best takeaways that she has used for the last 6 months.
  • [14:39] Her experience in online teaching.
  • [15:36] Going back to in-person lessons.
  • [16:40] Increasing the number of students from pre and post PPL.
  • [17:21] Her goals for the future.
  • [18:18] Sharing her thoughts on Top Music Live events.

Elise Jeffrey

  • [20:45] Her studio and students before attending Piano Pivot Live.
  • [22:06] Struggles she had before attending PPL in January 2020.
  • [23:15] Incorporating creativity and improvising in lessons.
  • [24:45] The catalyst that pushed her to attend PPL.
  • [26:01] Her most memorable moments in the conference.
  • [28:42] Winning the grand prize at the conference.
  • [30:40] Adapting to online teaching.
  • [31:40] Coming back to and continuing in person lessons.
  • [33:04] What the future looks like for Elise.
  • [34:07] Doing group lessons.
  • [35:14] Wisdom for teachers looking at attending.

About our Guests

TC203: Piano Pivot Live Mid-Year Results

Caeli Hinkler, a young teacher from Australia who won a Young Teachers’ Scholarship to the Piano Pivot Live Conference. This was the first-ever conference she attended as a teacher. She has been teaching piano for 1 and a half years.

Elise Jeffrey has 10 years of experience in teaching piano in her hometown Innaloo. She was the lucky grand prize winner of the Kawaii digital piano worth over $4,000 at the Piano Pivot Live Conference.

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