TC195: How Tonara Motivates Students with Beth Horton

TopCast Episode 195 Blog - How Tonara Motivates Students with Beth Horton

TopCast Episode 195 Blog - How Tonara Motivates Students with Beth Horton

In this episode, we’ll learn how Tonara motivates students.

Beth Horton, Creative Education Specialist at Tonara, talks to us about her favourite features and benefits of the platform that you can take advantage of. She also shares tips on how to use Tonara in your own studio to get you back more time without sacrificing the progress of your students.

Managing your studio lessons, motivating your students to practice, and creating meaningful connections between yourself, parents, and students is now available to you. Whether you are doing online or face-to-face lessons, Tonara will be able to help you and your students be focused and connected every step of the way.

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Transcript of the Show

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In this episode, you’ll learn how Tonara motivates students in an agile learning environment:

  • [02:57] An overview of Beth’s studio in Texas.
  • [05:54] Using online lessons in various aspects of your studio.
  • [06:56] What got her into trying Tonara for her studio.
  • [10:29] Benefits of using Tonara in her business and student outcomes.
  • [18:06] Tim and Beth’s favourite features of Tonara.
  • [19:22] Motivating students in your studio.
  • [24:28] Setting up customized lessons for teachers and students.
  • [29:11] Insightful ways to use recordings in your lessons.
  • [31:56] Clever ways you can use groups in Tonara for community building among your students.
  • [36:16] Using scheduling and calendar features.
  • [38:06] Ways you can get great support when using Tonara for your studio.
  • [42:06] Tonara billing for teachers.
  • [43:50] How Tonara can bring more value to your business.

More about Tonara

About our Guest

TopCast Episode 195 Blog - How Tonara Motivates Students with Beth Horton

Beth is currently a Creative Education Specialist at Tonara where she helps teachers stay connected to their students through technology. She is a former band director who now lives and teaches from Lubbock, Texas with her studio, Sharing the Love of Music. 

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Just make sure you try out some of the ideas before they get lost in the business of your next lessons!

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