TC188: Inspiring Students with Interest-Based Learning with Tony Parlapiano

interest-based learning instructor Tony Parlapiano

What if you created a studio experience where instead of lesson books, students study based on their preferences? In this episode, I chat with Tony Parlapiano, who focuses on interest-based learning. 

Tony is definitely doing something right because his student retention is off the charts with most families staying until the end of high school. Amazing right? This is probably an approach that not many teachers are practising. That’s why it’s really interesting to dive deep into the set-up and structure of these lessons. 

We talk about the way he teaches, incorporating basic and theoretical topics in lessons, not having recitals, dealing with learning plateaus, and so much more. Whether you’re teaching classical or pop, there’s so much to learn from Tony’s experience.

And, P.S. I know you’re wondering too – YES, that is his real last name! 🙂

Transcript of the show

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In this episode, you’ll learn more about teaching students through interest-based learning

  • [06:30] Tony’s current studio and students.
  • [08:38] His experience with lessons when he was a kid.
  • [11:01] Learning to play the piano at a later stage.
  • [13:13] The story of how he started teaching music.
  • [14:53] His approach to teaching students.
  • [19:13] Incorporating basic and theoretical topics while teaching students.
  • [24:46] Recitals, performances, and concluding studies.
  • [26:02] Teaching students based on their interests.
  • [30:11] Dealing with students who experience plateaus in learning.
  • [32:39] Having good student retention.
  • [34:54] Tony talks about popMATICS.
  • [39:26] His way of teaching students to compose or play pop music.

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About our guest

interest-based learning course author Tony Parlapiano

Tony Parlapiano is a piano instructor and the creator of popMATICS, a concept-based music curriculum that approaches learning by listening and reading through writing. Tony resides in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, and carries a copy of his birth certificate for anyone who questions the authenticity of his last name.

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Just make sure you try out some of the ideas before they get lost in the business of your next lessons!

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