CPTP173: MTNA President Martha Hilley on 49 Years of Teaching and Mentoring the Next Generation

How did your journey to music education start and where is it now? Are you engaging yourself in conferences, associations, and getting certifications that can support and build you up as a professional music educator? 

My guest today has had over 49 years of teaching in music education and has definitely made a mark in the industry. I am so excited to bring in my dear friend, Martha Hilley, the current President of the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) in America. 

In this conversation, she shares her story and experience in teaching and the lessons she has learnt over the years. We also dive into the MTNA, the NCTM Certification and the upcoming MTNA Conference in Chicago on March 21-25, 2020 where I will be doing a masterclass on creative teaching.

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If you’d like to download a PDF transcript of this episode, please click below.

In this episode, you’ll learn

  • [07:41] Martha’s 49 years of teaching music education.
  • [12:59] Her role in the MTNA.
  • [15:26] The story of how she started Group Teaching as one of her specialist skills.
  • [23:08] Martha’s plans of setting up a studio for beginning adults age 60 and above.
  • [24:00] Her approach to group teaching. 
  • [30:24] The main goal of the MTNA.
  • [32:26] The state of music education in Texas.
  • [36:41] MTNA’s Certification Program.
  • [45:56] The MTNA Conference in Chicago on March 21-25.
  • [46:50] How to register to the MTNA Conference in Chicago in 2020 with an exclusive discount offer for listeners of the Creative Piano Teaching Podcast.
  • [49:26] Tim’s Masterclass in the MTNA Conference.

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