CPTP081: 3 Steps to the Effective Teaching of any Piano Piece [Worksheet Download]

how to teach piano pieces

how to teach piano pieces

Do you ever wonder exactly how to teach piano pieces? Once students have left their beginner method books, some teachers tend to get a bit lost wondering, “What do I do now? How do I prepare my students for their new pieces without that structure?”

The best thing about the creative and flexible approach to teaching that I advocate is that you don’t have to be held to a restrictive method book. However, this can also be a bit terrifying if you don’t know what to do instead.

There is so much great piano music out there, but what’s the best way to teach it?

Today I’m sharing a simple and flexible framework that you can use to start better preparing your students for new repertoire. Never again hastily give your students a few notes about a new piece as they run out the door. Use this structure to get them ready instead.


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“Elements and Activities” Worksheet

This sheet brings together all elements of a holistic education: listening, moving, creative, reading, writing, and theory. Click here to see a sample worksheet that I’ve already filled in.

In this episode, you’ll learn

  • Why the way we often introduce new music is not the best way
  • How this approach will change things for your teaching
  • How you can save time in lessons so that you can follow these steps
  • What the template looks like and how to use it
  • The benefits of working with this template
  • Sample activities that stem from this planning process
  • How this way of working can make the learning more enjoyable for your student

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Whether you’re at the gym, on the bike or in the car, I know that you and your students will get lots out of what you learn in the long run.

Just make sure you try out some of the ideas before they get lost in the business of your next lessons!

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Do you plan ahead for your students’ repertoire?

What do you think of this planning template? Do you think it will help you to better prepare your students for their upcoming pieces?

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