352: [Case Study] How to Set Intermediate Student Goals with Janna Williamson

352: [Case Study] How to Set Intermediate Student Goals with Janna Williamson

In today’s show, we’re continuing our theme for this month of intermediate students by looking at a short case study of how Janna Williamson uses the Ultimate Guide to Intermediate Curriculum Planning with her students. You’ll be hearing about her student, Amy, and the challenges she’s felt around setting up the right curriculum for her. Throughout the episode, we’ll explore how to guide students like Amy and the incredible progress that can be made when you set the right goals and milestones for your students. This episode also provides valuable insights for music teachers looking to guide their intermediate students effectively and set meaningful goals in their musical journey. So whether you’re an experienced music teacher or a budding student eager to supercharge your musical journey, this episode is a must-listen.

  • Janna discusses setting goals for intermediate-level music students.
  • Her student, Amy, and her initial challenges in rhythm and being an introverted student.
  • Amy’s transition from early intermediate to an upper early intermediate level.
  • Her decision to adjust Amy’s curriculum.
  • Setting annual goals, including improving Amy’s repertoire playing ability and effective memorization.
  • The milestones achieved by Amy in the past year.
  • Janna revisits the three-step process she and Tim outlined in their “ultimate guide.”
  • She highlights the adaptability of this process for any student with various goals and specific issues.

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Today’s Guest

Janna Williamson is a highly sought-after teacher of students of all levels with two decades of professional teaching experience. She maintains a home studio in West Chicago and taught at the Wheaton Yamaha Music School from 2001-2020. She has been an MTNA Nationally Certified Teacher of Music since 2004 and holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in piano performance. Janna enjoys performing solo or collaboratively and can be heard throughout the Chicago area on a regular basis.

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