323: A Done-For-You Group Teaching Curriculum with Paul Myatt and Gillian Erskine

Have you been thinking about transitioning to group teaching from one-on-one lessons? We think you should. In this podcast, Paul Myatt and Gillian Erskine of Piano Teaching Success shares a done-for-you group teaching curriculum that will help music teachers get started in group teaching and how they can use it in their own studio. They give us some great insights on what the benefits and disadvantages are of group teaching, both from the students’ and the teachers’ perspective. If you’re ready to transition to group teaching and take your music studio to the next level, this episode is for you.

  • Gillian shared a quick rundown of all the different ways that they support music education.
  • Paul shared the story on how he and Gillian started working together.
  • Why group teaching has become more popular again recently?
  • The pros and cons of group teaching on the students’ side.
  • The pros and cons of group teaching from the teachers’ side.
  • Preparing for the transition to group teaching.
  • Paul shared the big questions that they always get regarding group teaching.
  • Multi-age group lessons vs. single-level group lessons.
  • Paul and Gillian tells us about their group teaching curriculum.
  • What can teachers expect from their group teaching curriculum?
  • Whole body learning and how it relates to group teaching.
  • Paul shared a couple of quick ideas or activities that you can give your students in learning chords and harmony.
  • One final advice about group teaching from Paul and Gillian.

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Today’s Guest

323: A Done-For-You Group Teaching Curriculum with Paul Myatt and Gillian Erskine

Paul Myatt

Successful Australian businessman, Paul Myatt, is also well known for his ability to teach and educate all levels and abilities in a diverse range of skills from music to swimming. Paul is a founding Director of Forte School of Music, an unique and highly successful music education network with over 4,000 students in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Paul’s greatest passion is encouraging life-long music making through music education and the positive effect this has on people’s lives.

Gillian Erskine

Gillian Erskine lives with her family in sub-tropical Brisbane. Inspired as a young teacher to find a better way to teach music than her early musical upbringing, Gillian co-founded Forte School of Music and Piano Teaching Success. She has co-authored best selling easiLEARN Theory Books aimed at making theory fun. She is also a pedagogical composer for piano, specialising in Beginner to intermediate level pieces. Gillian and her team work passionately to help piano teachers around the world engage, motivate and accelerate success through whole body learning and making music fun!

Thank you for tuning in!

Consider implementing the ideas from this podcast by writing several actionable steps for your teaching practice if it’s inspired you.

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