321: Supercharge Your Grade 1 Piano Students (Live Workshop)

321: Supercharge Your Grade 1 Piano Students (Live Workshop)

How do you know if your student is ready for Grade 1 piano exam? In this episode, we’re sharing our live workshop with our amazing guests, Sharon Mark-Teggart and Dr Sally Cathcart from the Curious Piano Teachers. Have a listen to our guests as they provide an in depth view of the traditional approach to piano exams, as well as the 21st century method, with a focus on their teaching approaches and how you can use them to prepare your students for their Grade 1 piano exam.

They also discussed the areas that you need to know before you start preparing for Grade 1 piano exams. They shared the importance of parents in practice and preparation. Finally, they have given us some great tips on how to encourage your piano parents so that the exam is a positive and successful experience for your student.

  • Introduction to Curious Piano Teachers, Sharon Mark-Teggart and Dr Sally Cathcart.
  • The traditional approach versus the 21st century approach to piano exams.
  • Paul Harris simultaneous learning approach.
  • What is a concept-led approach?
  • How do you know if your piano student is ready for Grade 1?
  • 7 areas you need to know before you start preparing for Grade 1.
  • What is the practice triangle?
  • The importance of parents in practice and preparation.
  • Tim shared a sneak peek to the Grade 1 Toolkit Course.
  • The concept of the 40-piece challenge.

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Today’s Guest

321: Supercharge Your Grade 1 Piano Students (Live Workshop)

Sharon Mark-Teggart

Sharon Mark-Teggart is the Co-Founder and Director of The Curious Piano Teachers, an organisation that provides a global community of piano teachers with resources that enable them to learn as much as they teach. She has over 20 years experience as a reflective practitioner in music education. She is well-known worldwide as a highly experienced piano pedagogue, contributing extensively to literature and resources. A visionary entrepreneur in the world of music education, Sharon founded evoco in 2012 (Northern Ireland’s Music Education Organisation, specialising in piano teacher training) before pioneering the concept of professional development for piano teachers via an online membership site with her Co-Founding partner at The Curious Piano Teachers, Dr Sally Cathcart.

Sally Cathcart

Sally Cathcart, Ph.D. and Churchill Fellow, has many years of teaching experience both as a piano teacher and as a classroom music teacher. She runs a small teaching studio and teaching the piano continues to be her greatest joy. She is co-founder and Director of The Curious Piano Teachers. Sally is a trained Kodály practitioner and was Director of Musicianship for The Voices Foundation from 2013-2022. She is a Principal Tutor on the Piano Teachers’ Course (UK) and is a piano syllabus consultant for the UK examining board ABRSM. She has written a series of musicianship books for young pianists, ‘ready to play’, which have recently been published by Alfred UK. In collaboration with Dr Christopher Fisher Sally is currently working as co-editor of the Oxford Handbook of Piano Pedagogy.

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