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Featured Podcast Reviews

Fun, exciting and a fabulous resource for all piano teachers
Eerrtyy on May 03, 2021 from Australia
I found topcast about three years ago when I was looking for inspiration in my piano teaching. Full of inspirational guests from around the world, Tim offers the piano teacher a one stop shop to explore and connect with leading piano teacher around the world. My mind opened up to the many wondering and innovative teaching ideas, which have made everyday teaching day joyful!
Best Podcast I’ve ever listened to
zoevrachnas on Nov 11, 2020 from Australia
Where to start with reviewing Tim’s podcast...! This is a jam packed, super engaging and incredibly helpful podcast for music teachers. I’m new teacher (violin) and I have been bingeing the podcast for the last few months. Each week Tim interviews someone completely different from the last and the common denominator is a love of music education. Oh wow I could go on for days about the poddy! Thank you Tim and the team. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!  
Informative, Creative and inspiring!
Megan's Music Studio on Oct 03, 2020 from Canada
These podcasts are amazing! I love all the interviews and it is wonderful that Tim interviews people from all over the world. I teach piano and theory in Canada and am loving the way Tim thinks outside the box. We are so geared to examinations in Canada and it is refreshing to be exposed to alternative ideas and options, so that our students will go on to play music when we are no longer their teacher. I would recommend these podcasts to parents, teachers and students alike. There is something for everyone.
Gave me a much needed refresh
rachelmariacox on Dec 20, 2019 from Australia
I recently have been binge-listening to this podcast after discovering it online, feeling very close to burnout and looking for ways to renew my passion. Tim has absolutely changed the way I view my business and my teaching and I have so many creative ideas to implement, leaving me inspired and ready for the new year! Perfect not just for piano teachers but all musicians (I teach piano and voice and manage a studio). Thank you Tim for all the amazing content - you have gained a listener for life!
Develop and enhance your teaching!
katie_dnls on Mar 30, 2019 from United States
This podcast has been invaluable to me and my teaching. Much gratitude to Tim and all his guests who come on and share their knowledge and experiences in music,and the piano. I am excited about the teaching journey I am on! And also for how much more I can offer my students now because of this podcast and all the creative people/places it points me to.
Piano Pedagogy Gold Mine!
Mommyamyf on Jun 08, 2018 from United States
This is the #1 resource for piano teachers worldwide. I’ve learned more in a few months from listening to these podcasts than the whole 4 years I spent as a music major in college. There is a wealth of information, ideas, resources, support, motivation, and encouragement for teachers. I already feel I’m twice the teacher I ever was before (and that’s after 20 plus years of teaching) from listening to this podcast. The future of piano lessons and creative piano teachers is in good hands if teachers listen to this podcast. Tim you are phenomenal, thank you for what you are doing. I wake up everyday now absolutely ecstatic that I’m a piano teacher.
Cannot recommend highly enough
Amanda McMullen on Feb 15, 2018 from United States
You guys, I seriously CANNOT rave about Tim Topham enough. I am a voice teacher, but have recently started teaching beginner piano lessons as well. I honestly had no idea where to begin with teaching piano, but Tim Topham's podcast and Inner Circle membership have completely set me up and gotten me off on the right foot. Because of his amazing tips, advice, resources, and online lesson plans I feel 100% more confident, prepared, and excited about teaching piano. Not only that, but his ideas have inspired ME to be a more creative musician. I think every piano teacher needs to know about this amazing person and his work! Thank you, Tim, for your hard work and dedication that is making the lives of so many music educators more exciting, fulfilling, and creative!