Integrate Your Teaching Challenge 2023

3 days of live video classes and homework tasks on each step of the Integrated Music Teaching process

Top Music Teaching Piano and Guitar

If you’ve joined one of our challenges before, you’ll know these are super valuable – packed with information and action steps.


Each day, we’ll unpack one of the three steps in the IMT process and then give you a homework task to do that evening. We’ll setup a popup FB group to share your homework, ask questions and enjoy the cohort group experience.

I’m also going to be sharing videos from other teachers on all sorts of instruments about how they use this approach in their teaching – Anita Collins, Mike Grande, Janna Williamson, Nicola Cantan, Ingrid Martin, Mike Grande to name a few.


If you can’t make the live sessions, we’ll share the recordings in the group, so you can watch anytime.

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