How to Earn Sheet Music Rebates with Sheetmusicplus


What are Sheet Music Rebates?

I’m sure most of you are aware of the excellent array of music available both in print and download format from, however, are you aware that you can actually benefit from your students’ purchases through the website via their “Easy Rebates” program?

When I have sheet music recommendations for students, I setup a “list” on sheetmusicplus which has all the titles listed that I would like them to order (click here for an example). I then send their parents an email with the link and when they arrive at the website, all they have to do is click on “add to checkout” to buy the books.

Not only is it simple and fast for parents, each time a parent buys through one of my lists or links, I’m able to earn an 8% cash-back to spend on the website in the future.

Using Affiliate Links

Another way of earning rebates is simply to email a link recommending your students and/or parents buy on sheetmusicplus and include your affiliate number in the link. You can see an example of this if you hover over the sheetmusicplus logo in this post (the ?aff_id=490487 is my ID).

Clicking on this link will take you as usual to the homepage, however if you then buy something in that session, your purchase will be credited towards my account.

The best thing is, there is really nothing to lose except the 5 mins it takes to setup your login. Even your own purchases contribute to your cash-back amount! They also have a consolidated login which will give you access to your affiliate/rebate info and all your usual postage and customer order tracking info in the one place.

Click here on FAQ for more info.

Head to Sheetmusicplus now. 

Hope that helps!