#058: How to Help Intermediate & Advanced Students Become Fluent Guitar Players with Charlie Long

Join us in today’s thought-provoking episode as we dive into the world of guitar teaching with the talented Charlie Long. Charlie takes us on a journey through his own musical path and shares how teaching guitar shaped his professional life. From lessons learned from sports, to the power of personality profiling and motivation, Charlie unveils the crucial components often missing in the musical education of guitar players. He also offers his framework for helping advanced students reach their goals and emphasizes the value of playing live and making music with others.

Get ready to gain insights into Charlie’s YouTube channel and his approach to content planning. Plus, don’t miss out on his partnership with Lauren Bateman in the Next Level Pentatonics course, as well as his valuable financial advice for guitar teachers and musicians. Tune in for a final piece of advice from Charlie that will leave you inspired and motivated.

  • Charlie gave brief overview of his story and how guitar teaching has been a part of his professional life in various forms.
  • What Charlie learned from sports that he applied to music teaching.
  • Learning about personality profiling and motivation.
  • Some crucial aspect lacking in music education of most guitar players.
  • Michael shared a little thought exercise for the listeners.
  • Charlie’s framework for helping some of the more advanced guitar students get to where they’re going.
  • The invaluable experience of playing live and making music with other people.
  • Charlie shared about his YouTube channel, what motivated him to get started, up to how it’s going right now.
  • Little nuggets of wisdom that he discovered in his own guitar playing.
  • His approach to planning content in YouTube and what works and what doesn’t.
  • Charlie shared about his course, Next Level Pentatonics, that he’s partnered with Lauren Bateman.
  • Valuable financial advice to guitar players and musicians, particularly those with poor money management skills.
  • One last piece of advice from Charlie to the listeners.

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Today’s Guest Charlie Long was fortunate to come from a musical family. He had a love for the guitar since listening to classic Chet Atkins and Wes Montgomery records at his grandfather’s side as a small boy. Taking up the guitar at age 10, he was fortunate to study with a fine jazz teacher and player and jumped into the studies with abandon. By age 14, he had played his first professional gig, made All State Orchestra on both guitar and Double Bass during high school. And by age 21, he had spent 2 years touring the United States. After 2 years of touring, he knew life on the road was not for him. But his love of music and playing guitar has never diminished and is, in fact, now stronger than ever.

In the last couple of decades, he had the opportunity to study with multiple world class and famous guitarists, jazz legends, and experts in the field of learning and performance psychology. He also taught thousands of aspiring guitarists from around the world. His gifts manifests in two areas of teaching. One is the ability to take complex subject matter and explain it in as many ways and levels as is necessary to help someone understand it. The second is the ability to distill the essence of his decades of learning into the truly fundamental steps required for other budding guitarists to make quantum leaps in their skill and enjoyment.

As a child of the 80s, he’ll be a fan of “shred guitar” until he die, and hearing Stevie Ray Vaughan led him to immerse himself in the blues. Always looking for avenues in which to improve, he also has a deep love for the complexities of jazz music and a passion for playing through complex chord changes with rock tone, phrasing and energy. Charlie has just released his first instructional video course entitled “Blues Soloing – Next Level Pentatonics.” He is very active in his YouTube channel and he still play live whenever he get the chance.

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