#039: Managing Multiple Music Schools with Successful Amazon Side Hustles feat. Mike Grande

In this podcast episode, one of our favourite guests is back on the show. Mike Grande, owner of Rock Out Loud Live, returns to the show and tells us about his successful Amazon product, Card Chords. He tells us how he managed to run multiple music schools while having Amazon side hustles with great success. He also shared about his heartwarming and life-changing experience in Rwanda and how he helped their music teachers to become coaches. Get some great tips from Mike on what it takes to keep giving the WOW factor to your existing customers as well as to your new ones. And if you’d like to find out Mike’s innovative idea of what you can sell on Amazon, this episode is for you.

  • Mike shares a quick overview of his background and his music schools, Rock Out Loud and Staten Island School of Rock.
  • The reason why he built Rock Out Loud Live.
  • How he successfully launched his product, Card Chords, in Amazon.
  • Mike tells us about his trip and life-changing experience in Rwanda.
  • How the Minister of Education in Rwanda approved his music education program.
  • Transitioning from being a teacher to being a coach.
  • Mike’s secret on managing multiple music schools, writing curriculums for other countries while having successful Amazon side hustles at the same time.
  • The process behind acquiring another music school.
  • Mike shared about the North American Music Merchants Show (NAMM Show).
  • How do you keep giving the WOW factor to your existing customers as well as to your new ones?
  • Mike shared an exciting idea or product to the listeners that they can sell on Amazon.

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Today’s Guest

Mike Grande is the founder of Rock Out Loud Live and the owner of two elite music schools in New York and New Jersey. In November 2019, after spending over $650,000 building out his New Jersey school, Rock Out Loud, he was told he had to close due to COVID-19. As the music education world went to ZOOM for virtual music lessons, Mike decided to accelerate the production of his own Virtual Music Lesson Portal – RockOutLoud.live. RockOutLoud.live is the world’s FIRST Virtual Music Lesson portal designed for music educators that is three years in the making. When Mike is not rocking out at one of his music schools, he wears his corporate suit as Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Security Officer for a specialty financial institution on Park Avenue.

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