#031: A Chat About Classical Guitar, Suzuki Method and Other Beginner Methods feat. John César

In this podcast episode, we’re going to have a chat with classical guitarist John César and we’re going to discuss the classical guitar, beginner guitar teaching methods, and especially the Suzuki Method and how you can use it in your teaching. John shares with us the lessons he learned from his own teaching. He also shares how he is able to carve out a space for guitar lessons for his students by using principles and techniques that he outlined in this podcast episode. If you are interested in learning how to teach guitar or just want to learn more about this method then this is a great episode for you!

  • Common lack of knowledge from  kids on learning guitar.
  • How self-taught teachers educate themselves.
  • What qualifies someone who is ready to become a teacher.
  • Understanding the Suzuki Method in guitar.
  • The role of the parent in the child’s journey of learning how to play their instrument.
  • The advantage of the Suzuki Method versus the standard approach.
  • Arranging classes for students under the Suzuki program.
  • Principles from Suzuki teaching we can apply to lessons with our adult students.
  • Concepts or principles in the underlying Suzuki method, which could be more broadly applied to teaching in general, outside of the Suzuki program itself.
  • How teachers can access a Suzuki Program.
  • John shares how e creates content for his audience.
  • Advice from John.

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Today’s Guest

John Cesar is a New England based classical guitarist. As an artist, John has performed around New England, New Jersey, and even in Lima, Peru. He received his undergraduate degree from the John J. Cali School Of Music at Montclair State University. During his studies, John had the opportunity to perform in masterclasses for some of the leading figures in classical guitar. He has performed in solo as well as chamber music settings with artists including Jason Vieaux, The Newman Oltman Duo, Andrew York, Scott Tennent, Jorge Caballero, Carlos Barbosa Lima, and Oscar Ghiglia.

In addition to being a performer John is an active classical guitar instructor in both traditional and Suzuki Instruction. He is a registered teacher through the Suzuki Associations of the Americas and teachers students as young as age 3. In 2019 John founded the social media page For The Classical Guitarist. This page portrays the life and culture of being a classical guitarist through humorous, yet still informative, photos and videos. The page can be found @fortheclassicalguitarist on Instagram. Currently John building his own YouTube channel where he focuses on videos about classical guitar, music, and making a living as a musician.

Thank you for tuning in!

Consider implementing the ideas from this podcast by writing several actionable steps for your teaching practice if it’s inspired you.

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