#029: How to Start an Online Teaching Business that Scales to 6 Figures & Beyond with Sonya Ramsey

Are you a music teacher or a musician looking to start an online teaching business? In today’s podcast episode, we interview Sonya Ramsey, owner of Music Instructor Business Academy. She shares her top tips and best strategies on how to make your online teaching business successful. So if you want to learn how to up your game in online marketing, and we’re telling you now that you don’t need tons of money to start it, then listen in on this episode today.

  • Sonya gives us a brief background on herself and how she turned into a musician from being a marketer.
  • The reason why there is a deep-rooted distrust of money, which is just so pervasive with musicians worldwide.
  • Do you need to get on YouTube?
  • Knowing when a student will make it or not.
  • How to give your students the right information and set them up for success.
  • Don’t quit, keep going, and things are going to turn around for you eventually.
  • Sonya gives us a short intro on the Music Instructor Business Academy and their Facebook group.
  • Getting your online business started in 2022 or early 2023.

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Today’s Guest Sonya Ramsey is a marketer and mentor who helps musicians transform their passions into multiple six-figure music instructor businesses by creating and selling online courses.   Thank you for tuning in!

Consider implementing the ideas from this podcast by writing several actionable steps for your teaching practice if it’s inspired you.

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