#013: Building an Empire – The Genesis of the G4 Guitar Method with David Hart

David Hart is a guitar teacher and businessman who has built his business around group lessons and his brand, G4 Guitar Method. In this episode, David covers the ups and downs of teaching and provides valuable tips for other guitar teachers in this podcast. He shares the inspiring story of how he started and how he grew his network and built his business from the ground up.

  • David gives us an overview of his background and how he grew G4 Guitar Method to a worldwide brand.
  • The 80/20 Method.
  • The story of G4 and the struggles he went through with teaching.
  • Setting and working towards milestones and targets for his business.
  • The benefits of group lessons.
  • The learnings he picked up about business and teaching guitar from traveling to the US and Japan.
  • How he applied these learnings when he went back to Australia.
  • How he built his network of teachers.
  • Book recommendations that guitar teachers should add to their reading list.
  • One final piece of wisdom for guitar teachers.

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Today’s Guest

David Hart has been in the business of teaching music since the 1980s. He has owned and built numerous guitar/music schools from scratch and helped hundreds of guitar teachers do the same under the G4 GUITAR brand. David’s 35 years of experience puts him in a unique position to help both startup and experienced guitar teachers succeed. David’s personal success is the result of years of trial, error, reading, research, testing and learning from his music, teaching and business mentors. David believes the learning never stops so he is constantly learning, evolving and adapting to the changing world of guitar learning. 


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