Effective Strategies to Get More Piano Students and Grow Your Teaching Business


Discover new and innovative ways to grow
your studio with practical and affordable advice
from an array of industry experts.


Introducing TopMusicPro’s
Get More Students Course

This course features interviews with eight music teachers who share their secrets on how to improve your studio’s marketing strategies, from attracting new students in simple and inexpensive ways, to inspiring and engaging your existing students.

Course Content:


Sara Campbell

Marketing Strategies, Group Lessons, and Summer Workshops


Janice Martin

Targeting the Untapped Niche of Preschoolers


Leila Viss

Add a Piano Lab & Make More Money WITHOUT Upsetting Current Parents!


Andrea Bentz

Preschoolers: A Great Way to Make More Money


Amy Comparetto

Easy Ways to Inspire Current Students


Tim Topham

Engaging Teens and Boys is Easier than You Think!


Mark Paulson

Can A Traveling Teacher Find Success?


Chrisanne Holm

Tips for Growing a Large Studio

Watch your studio flourish as you put into practice these easy but out-of-the-box marketing ideas,
and feel inspired to diversify your income with preschoolers or piano labs.


Learn from our Experts:
Tracy Selle & Sara Campbell

Top Music Teaching Piano and Guitar

Tracy Selle is a Christian wife, mom, piano teacher, and author of 101 Piano Practice Tips. She’s also the creator of Upbeat Piano Teachers, which launched in October 2015. Prior to teaching piano for 15 years, she worked as a television meteorologist.

Top Music Teaching Piano and Guitar

Sara Campbell is a piano and voice entrepreneur who loves to educate (and entertain!) fellow teachers by sharing creative teaching ideas and business practices. She’s an active blogger at SarasMusicStudio.com, FB Live Personality and co-host at Upbeat Piano Teachers, and Resident Piano Pro at Musical U. Outside of the piano world, Sara also works a group of independent voice teachers at The Speakeasy Cooperative. Her passions include yoga, cats, wine, and working as a business coach for fabulous teachers all around the world.


Why you need this course:

✔️ Learn the best ways to market your business on a budget (while still keeping it classy!)

✔️ Discover how you can tap into the niche market of preschoolers.

✔️ Boost your income without upsetting your current parents by offering piano labs.

✔️ Understand the importance of staying flexible.

✔️ Unlock marketing ideas that will set you apart from the rest.

✔️ Revitalize your current students, keeping that retention rate high!

This course was created to inspire you to transform
your marketing strategies with a variety of different perspectives and creative ideas to help you
increase your income.

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Here’s what you’ll get:

8 insightful interviews with industry experts discussing different approaches to getting more students

A downloadable course workbook where you can keep your notes and ideas

Bonus handouts and resources for your piano students

Helpful advice from the course creators, Tracy Selle & Sara Campbell

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