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12 Weeks of Focus, Purpose and Progress
The 12 Week Coaching Program

  • Keen to spend more time with your family and less on admin? 
  • Like to have more time for planning and organising your lessons? 
  • Like to feel more confident teaching improvisation and composition? 
  • Enjoy having a constant stream of new students signing up for your studio?
  • Like to take control of all that information and beat overwhelm once and for all!? 

The Elite 12 Week Coaching Program starts on August 20

Increase Your Focus

Set Clear Goals

Reduce Overwhelm

Find More Time

Build Support

Increase Income

Here is what you get

  • A dedicated, personal coach to guide, mentor and support you for 12 weeks.
  • calendar
    A 1-hour kickoff call with your coach to plan out your goals and steps to get there.
  • Weekly meetings with your coach to keep you on track, and provide you with support and accountability.
  • Customised weekly training plans and homework each week.  
  • 24/7 priority email access to your coach (keeping in mind time zones, of course!)
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As a result of the 4 week challenge my small studio has almost doubled in numbers. I had 8 pupils before the challenge and after this week I now have 14 pupils and 3 more who I am waiting to hear back from. This is still all alongside my day job!

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I love feeling "seen", like I'm not just a name on a screen, it's just wonderful! I feel like I've found my music soulmate in a website! Everything I read, watch, print, listen to.....boy it just hits the creative spot for me! I'm just over the moon about what I've found and I know I've just started to scratch the surface!



It is so amazing to me to be able to connect with fellow teachers around the world and exchange ideas and ask for help. Piano teaching used to be such a 'lonely' job but not so much these days!

Meet some of your coaches

Janna Carlson

piano teacher training

Paul Myatt

Lynda Irvine

Piano teacher resources

Tim Topham


Nicola Cantan

Jennifer Foxx

piano teacher coaching

Amber Harnisch

piano teacher coaching training

Marie Lee

Joyce Ong

What to expect when you signup

  • A confirmation email from me welcoming you as an Elite Member.
  • A link to fill out your personal details so that we can connect you with the coach who will most suit your goals.
  • An email from your coach welcoming you to the program and booking a time for your kickoff call.
  • Your first Training Plan will be sent soon after your kickoff and you'll set up a time for your first weekly checkin call.
  •  You get to go and kick goals for a week!

What's the investment?

$US499 per month x 3 payments 

  • Personal 1-on-1 focus
  • Initial 1hr kickoff call
  • Weekly checkin calls
  • check
    Clear, achievable goals
  • check
    Weekly training plans
  • check
    Support & advice
  • check
    Email access

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