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Neurodivergent Teaching

A Handbook for Instrumental Music Teachers

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Neurodivergent teaching is an area of great need and possibility in music teaching.

And as teachers, it’s our job to get to know each student on an individual basis and assess their needs.

What you’ll learn in this e-book:

How to feel more confident teaching neurodivergent students and which methods best work for them

Online teaching tips for neurodivergent students and studio environment do’s and don’ts

Understanding and responding to different behaviours and how to introduce new activities

Diagnoses language and terms and method choice tips

What you’ll get from this e-book:


Chapter 1:

What are “Special Needs?” A Diagnoses Breakdown

Chapter 2:

Quick Win: Presuming Competence

Chapter 3:

Environmental Accommodations

Chapter 4:

Perfect Pitch – Your Student Probably Has It

Chapter 5:

Milestone 1 – A foolproof path to sight-reading success for neurodiverse students

Chapter 6:

Milestone 2 – Two-Handed Songs in C and G Positions

Chapter 7:

Milestone 3 – The World’s Most Painless Introduction to Note-Reading

Chapter 8:

Supplemental and Free Time Activities – Ear Training

Chapter 9:

Supplemental and Free Time Activities – Improvisation, Song Games, Composing, Fine Motor Games

Chapter 10:

Occupational Octaves Piano: An Alternative Language of Music

Chapter 11:

Common Challenges and Troubleshooting


By modifying your studio environment and by having a solid teaching strategy, you can enjoy a rewarding studio experience with your students with exceptionalities.