The Ultimate guide to Left Hand Piano Styles and Patterns

Easily introduce piano patterns and styles with this FREE guide

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As students explore non-traditional repertoire in your lessons (eg. pop, lead sheets, etc.), they’ll soon realise that a pianist’s left hand is crucial in providing a number of things:

Steady Beat

Rhythm & Groove


Patterns are one of the most fundamental ingredients of music and students with a solid pattern vocabulary will be much better as both readers and players.

It’s amazing how often subtle differences in left hand accompaniment completely change the feel and style of a piece of music. That’s exactly why left hand patterns are so important and why I created a download especially to help teachers explore this with students.


Use this free guide to:

Build awareness of different musical styles

Grow analytical skills

Nurture versatile playing skills

Inspire creativity at the piano

Students can recognize these patterns in listening examples, by reading them in repertoire, and creating their own compositions and changing up the style.


This one resource can inspire tons of lesson activities and infuse energy in your lessons today!


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