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Want to inspire your students with fun guitar challenges?

Do your students ever say, “I’m done!” after playing through something once?

You try and tell them that repetition is the key to success.
Playing something multiple times is the best way to improve.
But they say, “Can’t I do something else?”

How about a compromise?

Students find challenges fun – they want to prove they can do it and that they can’t be beaten.

Teachers find challenges useful – they encourage students to practice something again and again and again…

Replace “I’m done!” with “I’m ready for my first guitar challenge!”

Introduce these challenges to your students in their lessons

Then encourage them to carry them out in their practice sessions at home

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Michael Gumley is founder at Melbourne Guitar Academy, creator of Guitar Dojo Online and Guitar Ninjas, and TopMusic’s Head of Guitar. Michael shares his passion for guitar and enthusiasm for learning with his students as well as his knowledge and expertise with guitar teachers the world over inside the TopMusicGuitar community.


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