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Want more guitar students?

Get More Guitar students NOW!

Marketing for guitar students can be overwhelming and frustrating.

You might be thinking:
What should I do first?
Will going to that networking meeting really make a difference?
Do prospective students actually look at websites?

What if I spend all this time and money and have nothing to show for it?

We’ve been there and figured out the 10 BEST ways to get more students without wasting time or money. So we’ll get to the point and save you time.

Implementing just one of these ideas should bring in new students regularly; implementing a few of them will really get things going.

Start with the easy strategies that cost little to no money to implement

Then use that momentum and cash to implement the ideas that have a price tag.

TopCast 256- TopCast 256 - Part Three: 7 Key Areas of Geometric Playing with Michael GumleyTopCast 256 - Part Three: 7 Key Areas of Geometric Playing with Michael Gumley

Michael Gumley is founder at Melbourne Guitar Academy, creator of Guitar Dojo Online and Guitar Ninjas, and TopMusic’s Head of Guitar. Michael shares his passion for guitar and enthusiasm for learning with his students as well as his knowledge and expertise with guitar teachers the world over inside the TopMusicGuitar community.


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