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How to motivate, inspire and retain your
teen & transfer students

LEARN TO BUILD A FRAMEWORK FOR teaching energising, rewarding and fun lessons for your teen and transfer students 

What's your biggest struggle when teaching teens and transfers?

"Motivating them to practise is always an issue"
"Retaining my students - they are too busy!"
"I can't keep up with their technology and music preferences"
"They're so unrealistic as to what's achievable as a total beginner..."

From grappling with motivating students to struggle sourcing relevant repertoire, most music teachers find teens and transfers overwhelmingly difficult to teach.

Some students have had bad experiences learning music, some are (poorly) self-taught, some are complete beginners but aspire to play advanced repertoire... It's not easy to teach such a diverse group of students!

But you know what the REAL reason is you're struggling?

You don't have a framework to teach this group.

Introducing TopMusicPro's
Teaching Teens and Transfer Students Toolkit

A step-by-step online course for any MUSIC teacher working with teens or transfer students.

What you'll learn in this course:

Learn tactics to motivate teenagers and how to set their weekly and monthly goals

Get insider tips on finding the right supercool repertoire your teens will LOVE

Discover the do's and don'ts of teaching teens and retain those students in your studio

Learn to build rapport with your teenage students and find out what makes them tick.

Deep-dive into the workings of  the teenage brain to better understand & teach this group

Use Cheat Sheets and Tools to prepare the perfect first lesson for teens or transfers.

And all of this is available inside TopMusicPro, the world's leading music teacher membership site.

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Learn from the expert - Tim Topham

World-renowned educator and specialist in teen teaching, Tim Topham, has been teaching teenagers for over 10 years. 

It's been the bread and butter of his own teaching studio, and he is well-known for transforming non-practisers or almost-quitters into motivated, engaged and hard-working piano students.

Tim has created this fantastic course to share his extensive knowledge on the subject with you.

By taking this course, you will learn everything you need to feel confident and competent teaching teenagers and transfer students.

Why you need this course

Teaching teens can be a completely different experience from your average
7-year-old student.

Teenagers are starting to figure out who they are and what they like.

This means that they won’t always play a piece just because you gave it to them, and they won’t practise something they don’t think is relevant to their goals.

Their goals could be to play a Beethoven sonata, but it could also be to write a pop song, or play in a school band. When teaching teens, they have to have a big say in what they study.

Creating a good relationship with your teenage students is so important.

If they think piano “isn’t cool” (whatever that means to them) they won’t practise, and they just might quit.

This course is designed to help you figure how to really engage your teenage students, build a bond and inspire them to practise, play and enjoy music lessons.

Here's what you'll get

 8 Video Modules tackling everything from motivation and goal setting, teen beginners to transfer students

Downloadable cheat sheets and checklists detailing step-by-step instructions 

Tips and Strategies that have been road-tested to help you work better with your teenage students 

Helpful advice from someone whose studio was built around teaching teens and transfers

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