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Teach music confidently without the stress

The Art of Keeping Music Theory Fun and Engaging

by Kristen Smith

Should theory games earn a place in your lesson planning?

04/11/2021 Read more

How to Include Jazz Modes in Beginning Piano Lessons

by Dave Long

When you incorporate jazz modes early on in piano lessons, your students get this surprising benefit that's missing with basic scale work.

12/12/2020 Read more

Why Teach Music Theory? 3 Tips to Make Your Studio More Musical This Year

by Glory St. Germain

Some ways to teach music theory with success this year.

01/15/2019 Read more

How to Use Music Theory Games to Get Real Results

by Nicola Cantan

You might have heard about all the benefits of teaching using games already. Students learn better, more thoroughly and more durably when the learning is fun. However, if you’ve ever actually tried adding games into your lessons, you might have seen another side to this equation. Music theory games also take time away from your lesson…and ... How to Use Music Theory Games to Get Real Results

02/19/2018 Read more