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7 Reasons To Play Music Games During Your Lessons

by Georgina Wilson

When it comes to music lessons, you want to cram in as much learning as possible. Thinking about fitting in a music game is just out of the question. But after reading these seven reasons, you'll be re-planning your lessons to fit in one or two...

07/26/2023 Read more

A Piano Teacher’s Guide To Piano Method Books

by Tim Topham

Knowing how to find the right method book can be tricky - our guide will help you feel inspired to start your search.

07/10/2023 Read more

How to Teach Creatively Using a Piano Method Book

by Tim Topham

When you have a brand new beginner piano student, what do you do? Do you crack open a method book and start working through the book from the very first lesson? Or do you encourage your students to be creative? Inspire them to explore the piano and make music. A fantastic way to do just ... How to Teach Creatively Using a Piano Method Book

07/03/2023 Read more

The Best Aural Piano Activities for Absolute Beginner Piano Students

by Nicola Cantan

Try these 6 aural piano activities and your beginner piano students will be begging for more ear training time as they listen, jump and march.

05/15/2023 Read more

Product Review: Rockschool Piano Method

by Michael McGregor

Review: Rockschool Piano Method Books 1 & 2 for beginners

07/17/2020 Read more

How to Make Your Adult Student Feel Comfortable Learning Beginner Piano

by Erika Turpin

Be encouraging of your adult students.

10/08/2019 Read more

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Where to Find Piano Sheet Music for Beginner Students

by Tim Topham

This will make your life a whole lot easier.

07/23/2019 Read more

No Book Beginners: A Piano Teaching Success Story

by Tim Topham

See how No Book Beginners can change lives.

06/24/2019 Read more

5 Easy Piano Songs any Beginner Student Can Learn

by Tim Topham

Here are five easy songs for your beginner piano students.

03/13/2019 Read more

No Book Beginners Course

by Leo de Vita Introducing No Book Beginners Framework How to teach Piano Lessons for Beginners FREE | With TopMusicPro Membership - OR - Prefer to Buy the Stand Alone Course? Add to Cart - $149 Do you want your beginner students to be 100% engaged and having FUN with music from the very first lesson? Introducing the ... No Book Beginners Course

01/28/2019 Read more

How to Keep Young Piano Students Focused and Inspired

by Melanie Bowes

Keeping young piano students on focus in group lessons can be a challenge.

01/09/2019 Read more

A Holistic Approach to Reading Music

by Andrew Bishko, Musical U

An expert guest post from Musical U’s Andrew Bishko looking at reading music.  Reading Music How did you learn to talk? What, no book?! Yet all too often, music education starts with reading music rather than playing music. And speaking of reading, how did you learn to read? Simply by looking at letters on a page? ... A Holistic Approach to Reading Music

05/28/2018 Read more