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How to Streamline Your Music Lesson Planning (And Reclaim Your Own Time!)

by Rosemarie Penner

It might seem like lesson planning is just the domain of school teachers, but this isn’t the case. Music lesson planning is just as important in the music studio. So, how do you find a balance between the creativity of teaching an instrument and the structure of a well-designed program for each student? If we ... How to Streamline Your Music Lesson Planning (And Reclaim Your Own Time!)

12/11/2021 Read more

A Fresh Look at the Intersection Between Piano Technique and Musical Expression

by Edna Golandsky

How to craft better musical expression with piano technique

11/19/2021 Read more

5 principles for music studio teachers to avoid getting stuck in the weeds

by Grant Carson

Do you have at least one student currently struggling in lessons? Read on!

11/08/2021 Read more

Stop Teaching Guitar Like This!

by Michael Gumley

Are you doing any of these 3 lesson deal-breakers?

10/14/2021 Read more

First-Of-Its-Kind Global Guitar Teacher Meetup Announced by TopMusic

by Emily Laney

For Release: Global event for guitar teachers announced, 17-18 Oct.

10/12/2021 Read more

Keep Your Guitar Students From Quitting with 6 Steps for Better Results

by Michael Gumley

Before you field another quitting lessons text, read this.

10/08/2021 Read more

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Teach More Engaging Beginner Guitar Lessons Today in 5 Easy Steps

by Michael Gumley

Your guitar schedule is booked but everyone's feeling bored? Try these tips now!

09/30/2021 Read more

Let’s Talk About Our Practise Expectations

by Andrew Eales

If students aren't practising, is the teacher to blame?

09/17/2021 Read more

Meet Michael Gumley, Head of Guitar

by Michael Gumley

Read Michael's own story as Head of Guitar

09/04/2021 Read more

How to Prep for Your Best Music Lessons Yet with Janna Williamson

by Emily Laney

We’ve spoken with teacher Janna Williamson about her favourite music lesson planning tips to set students up for the best possible experiences and outcomes. (Also strong planning is key to not be eaten alive by your preschool students!) With these lesson planning tips from Janna, you can focus on being calm and present and avoid ... How to Prep for Your Best Music Lessons Yet with Janna Williamson

08/19/2021 Read more

Why We Built This: Introducing TopMusic Guitar

by Tim Topham

NEW: TopMusic now includes Guitar!

08/04/2021 Read more

3 creative ways to teach music with Newzik Education

by Paul Leverger

Newzik helps you add interactive elements and share scores rapidly with your students

07/26/2021 Read more