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Barbara Grout

Barb Grout has been teaching piano for 35 years, primarily in her home studio. From 2012-16 she was Independent Music Teachers Forum Chair for the Colorado Music Teachers Association. She has written numerous articles on subjects like student (and teacher) motivation; simultaneous learning; teaching students to think musically; and incorporating modal music into piano lessons. Always searching for better ways to teach, she began using the Suzuki Piano Method in 1984. In 2008 she discovered Edwin Gordon’s Music Learning Theory and subsequently reinvented herself as a teacher using Gordon’s principles. Her enthusiasm for Music Learning Theory continues to grow year after year for one simple reason: “It works".

The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Musical Patterns

by Barbara Grout

Teaching Musical Patterns I’m very happy that Barb Grout, a blog reader and Music Learning Theory teacher, has taken the time to write today about the importance of teaching musical patterns and how to incorporate it into your studio. I’ve called it the Ultimate Guide to Teaching Patterns, following the Music Learning Theory approach. Patterns are the ... The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Musical Patterns

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Feel the Beat off the Seat | Tips for Teaching Rhythm

by Barbara Grout

This week’s article comes from Music Learning Theory (MLT) teacher and presenter, Barbara Grout and is all about Tips for Teaching Rhythm. Rhythm is one of those fundamental aspects of music that many of us fail to help students understand and feel innately. If you’ve ever had a student not realise that they’ve ‘missed’ a beat in ... Feel the Beat off the Seat | Tips for Teaching Rhythm

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