best bluetooth page turnerLooking for the best iPad music accessories?

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I’ve long been a fan of the iPad music accessories developed by AirTurn.

Not only do they have the best bluetooth page turners on the market, they also manufacture stands, mounts, a great eBook, remote controls and a variety of other handy accessories for any musician or teaching using the iPad in their studio.

AirTurn was started by teachers and performers looking for great solutions and continues to be run by musicians dedicated to enhancing the use of technology in the studio. In fact, I interviewed one of its founders, Hugh Sung, on my piano teaching podcast Episode 13: Is this the future of piano teaching?

Basically, if you use an iPad to store your sheet music (and who doesn’t these days?!), then you should definitely invest in a Bluetooth Page Turner from a company like Airturn.

It makes shuffling through pages on your app (you use Forscore, right?) as absolute breeze, allowing you to go forwards or backwards with the touch of a foot. Keep your eyes up, your hands on the keys and your teaching or performance flowing.



The PED I Recommend

My personal recommendation for teachers and students is the AirTurn PED (above). At just $69 (before discount), this is a really accessible tool for pianists of all abilities who are using their iPad for performance.

If you’d like to read more about my thoughts on bluetooth page turning, you can check out my original review of the BT-105: AirTurn | Hands-free iPad page turner for musicians and my more recent article about the PED: Get the latest Bluetooth Page Turner from AirTurn.

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I’m proud to be an AirTurn affiliate and recommend their products without reservation.