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About topmusic.co

how to teaching instrumental music

Who are we?

topmusic.co is the world’s leading educational design and networking community for instrumental music teachers.

Our mission is to nurture and develop the pedagogical and business skills of teachers so that they can inspire the next generation of musicians to enjoy a lifelong love of music.

A more holistic approach to teaching

For too long, instrumental music education has been held hostage by the traditions of teaching in the 1800s with its strict focus on music reading, interpretation and performance.

At topmusic.co we’re working hard to break these shackles and support teachers as they venture into the often unchartered territories of a modern approach to music teaching: improvising, composing and playing by ear.

These modern approaches are vital because comprehensive music teaching music is much more than learning to read dots on a page.

Reading and performing music is just the tip of the iceberg.

music teaching iceburg

Supporting modern teaching

A truly holistic and well-rounded musical experience should explore every aspect of being a musician: being able to jam with other musicians, accompanying, singing, reading lead sheets, composing, playing pop and jazz, playing by ear and much more.

Providing teachers the skills and support they need to confidently teach today’s busy, over-scheduled music students with a compressive, experiential curriculum is what we’re all about.

At topmusic.co, we help music teachers build a strong, sustainable studio business that will educate well-rounded, versatile musicians well into the future.

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A supportive professional development community

Since 2016, our members-only TopMusicPro community has helped hundreds of music teachers re-connect with today’s busy, over-scheduled music students. We provide the resources, guidance and expertise to create more meaningful music lessons.

TopMusicPro membership is the key to unlocking all the creative teaching tools, business advice and support you need to become a more confident teacher and savvy business owner.

TopMusicPro membership gives you access to our growing library of over 30 comprehensive step-by-step video training courses. It includes exclusive discounts and members get free sheet music every month.

To find out more about the benefits of becoming a member, click here.

Meet the team

topmusic.co team directors
Final team meeting before Piano Pivot Live 2020

Tim Topham

Founder & Director

Tim Topham founded TopMusic back in 2010 when he realised that traditional, exam-focussed teaching just wasn’t cutting it with his savvy, tech-focussed students. He decided to revolutionise his approach and, along the way, share blogs and videos of his ideas. Happily, this continues to this day.

Nicola Cantan

Community Director

Nicola Cantan is a piano teacher in Dublin, Ireland who leads several online communities of passionate and creative teachers. She has been working with TopMusic since 2015 and loves helping our community to level-up their teaching and take control of their businesses.

Barbara Leest

Marketing Manager

Barbara Leest is an experienced marketer with a particular interest in digital marketing & CRO, campaign management and long-term strategic planning. She enjoys a dual career as Topmusic.co’s marketing manager while running her own private piano studio at pianoecademy.com, where she specialises in online teaching and adult music education.

Mauro Dalu

Lead Developer

Software Architect and User Experience Designer with a passion. In over 20 years Mauro has built award winning WordPress-based web sites and Mobile Apps. Thanks to his design and technical skills, he can facilitate the evolution of a project from a cloudy idea to the App Store.

Emily Laney

Content Director

Emily Laney teaches piano in a boutique studio in Aledo, Texas on 5 acres, and has worked from preschool level to concert artist career development. At TopMusic, she directs content, inspired by humor, Scarlatti, and a steady diet of great podcasts.

Ruth Power

Social Media Manager

Ruth Power is a piano course creator and online teacher in Raglan, New Zealand. She wields the power of social media for TopMusic, planning engaging content to inspire & motivate creative piano teachers.

topmusic team zoom

About our Founder, Tim Topham

Tim Topham is an internationally-renowned music educator, piano teacher, writer, podcaster and presenter.

Tim’s passion is helping teachers maximise student engagement through creativity, technology and innovation whilst building sustainable, thriving studios.

He has more than 20 years’ experience in education, having taught in the United Kingdom and around Australia in subjects as varied as music, outdoor education, PE, mathematics and IT.

Tim was consultant editor for the Australian Music Examination Board’s Piano for Leisure Series 4 books released in 2017, which involved selecting and editing 108 new pieces for student examinations across Australia.

His series was the first in Australia to feature creative practice ideas for improvising, exploring and composing to help students and teachers feel more comfortable being creative in lessons.

Tim’s writing and training courses have been featured in American Music Teacher, The Piano Teacher, Californian Music Teacher, EPTA Piano Professional and the Journal of the MTAC, USA.

Tim loves cycling, coffee and learning how things work. He has trekked to Everest Base Camp and held certifications in fields as varied as pyrotechnics, laser operation, abseiling and remote-area first aid.

Tim holds an MBA in Educational Leadership, BMus, DipEd and AMusA.

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Connect with us

If you’ve got any questions, please leave us a message on our Contact Us page.

The best way to keep in touch is to follow us on social. You’ll find links below.

If you’d like to write for us, find out more here.

Make sure you tune into the TopCast, the official music teachers podcast which airs weekly Friday 11am Eastern. Tune in on any podcast player or spotify.

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See you inside TopMusicPro Membership 🙂

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