5 Tips To Prepare You For Music Camps This Summer

Planning a summer camp for your music students this year? These tips will help inspire you and get you started!

5 Tips To Prepare You For Music Camps This Summer

It’s time for music camps!

Summer is approaching for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere and that means it’s time to dive deep into planning your summer music camps!

So grab an iced tea, a lemonade, or a Pina Colada (there’s no judgment here!)

Not in the Northern Hemisphere? Reading this at a different time of year? No worries, this information is great for group classes too! I actually turned a summer camp into a 10-week class for homeschoolers, and you can too!

Table Of Contents:

  1. Plan Ahead
  2. Don’t Tell, Show
  3. You Can Teach Camps Online
  4. “If I Have Time…” Activities
  5. Start Small
  6. Bonus Tip: Invite Friends

Tip #1: Plan Ahead

Preparation is KEY when it comes to Summer Camps, Music Camps, and Group Lessons

  • Learning the curriculum
  • Ordering supplies
  • Advertising

Don’t procrastinate! Families are already booking activities for this summer, so let’s make sure they include your music camps!

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Tip #2: Don’t Tell, Show

When advertising your summer camp, SHOW students and parents what they will be doing.

If you’re excited about an activity and you show your students and parents snippets of what’s to come, they’ll become excited too, and want to know more.

Record a video and take pictures of you preparing for the music camp, then use those for emails you send to parents and on your social media accounts.

Tip #3: You Can Teach Music Camps Online

Jennifer Foxx, a TopMusicPro expert teacher and owner of Music Educator Resources talks to Tim on this podcast episode about running great online summer music camps for your piano students.

If you’ve never thought about having one, I’m pretty confident that after you listen to this episode you’ll be looking at the concept in a whole different light!

Tip #4: “If I Have Time…” Activities

One mistake teachers make when they start group teaching or hosting music camps is not planning enough activities to fill the time.

Sometimes it is hard to predict how long certain activities will take without doing them first.

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It can be a guessing game and can vary drastically depending on the dynamic of the students in a particular group.

I always like to plan and prepare for more activities than I have time for. I call these activities in my lesson plan, “If I have time…” That way if we get to them, great! But if not, that’s okay because I always say them for another time.

Jennifer Foxx

Tip #5: Start Small

So, if you’re teaching group piano for the first time, my advice is to start small. I encourage teachers to select one age group or student level from their studio and design a group program for these stuednts. By doing so, you can focus your eneger on the intracacies involved in facilitating learning for this student population.

Dr. Christopher Fisher

Bonus Tip: Invite Friends

Depending on the type of music camps you’re hosting, you can ask your students to invite their friends or siblings (even if they don’t know how to play music)

After the camp is over, invite their friend to join your studio!

Looking for more tips and resources for summer camps and group lessons? TopMusicPro is full of them!

Tara Wright

Tara Wright the only music educator & resource creator who teaches and inspires other music educators by combining her expertise in running successful music schools with her background in web design, wedding planning, and ostrich farming.

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