336: Veteran Val Explores the PRESTO Framework

In today’s episode, we dive into the inspiring journey of Val as she explores the transformative power of the PRESTO Framework. In this unique storytelling episode, we follow Val, an experienced piano teacher, as she embarks on a path of self-discovery and growth. Val realised and found herself feeling out of touch with her students and struggling to keep them engaged. And it’s during a chance encounter with Bev, another veteran piano teacher, that her perspective takes a remarkable turn.

Bev, who teaches modern music and embraces technology in her teaching, opens Val’s eyes to the possibilities of engaging her students in fresh and exciting ways. Bev also introduces Val to the TopMusic PRESTO Framework, sharing how this powerful methodology has revolutionized her piano teaching studio. Join us as we unravel Val’s journey of transformation and the incredible impact of the PRESTO Framework on her teaching approach and her students’ musical journeys.

  • Val’s realisation of being out of touch with her piano students.
  • Story of Val meeting Bev in a music shop.
  • Embracing technology and adapting to teach in modern ways to engage your students.
  • Bev shared a brief story to Val.
  • The TopMusic PRESTO Framework.

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