322: The Two Biggest Problems With Group Lessons and How to Solve Them with Greg Genter and Daniel Patterson

In today’s episode with Daniel Patterson and Greg Genter, two leading experts in group lessons in the music industry, we talk about their approach to group lessons and how they’ve used their years of experience as musicians to help them grow their businesses. Greg and Daniel started working together after both had significant experience teaching and running their music studios, and their unique perspectives blend beautifully. They cover everything from group lessons, having systems in place for business management, to keeping your studio fresh, fun and profitable.

Find out how Greg’s group piano method, The Piano Express, solves the two biggest problems with group teaching and how it differs from other group lesson programs. And finally, we’ve got some great tips on taking care of yourself in order to keep stress levels down while growing your studio.

  • Daniel shared his thoughts on the general market for music lessons right now.
  • Brief background on how Greg and Daniel started working together.
  • The value of building a system for your studio so you can focus on the things that spark joy.
  • Why group teaching is having a surge in popularity right now.
  • Helping your piano parents understand the benefits of group lessons vs one-on-one lessons.
  • Greg tells us about his group piano method, The Piano Express, and how it differs from other group lesson programs.
  • The revolving door concept and how this relates to group teaching.
  • The value of playing together and teaching technique.
  • Top three changes that will have an impact on your studio in 2023.
  • One final piece of wisdom from Greg about taking care of yourself and managing stress.

Guest Links Mentioned

Links Mentioned

Today’s Guest

322: The Two Biggest Problems With Group Lessons and How to Solve Them with Greg Genter and Daniel Patterson

Daniel Patterson

Meet Daniel Patterson, the founder of GrowYourMusicStudio.com. He began teaching piano in 2004. After a decade of teaching, he began to help other music studios and schools solve common problems that plague our industry. He has helped hundreds of music schools and private studios with increasing their student count and revenue. Additionally, he has helped hundreds of studios convert to a multi-level group lesson model.

Gregory Genter

Gregory Genter is the founder and owner of The Piano Express Studio in Ashburn, Virginia. Greg’s students have earned multiple NVMTA awards as well as RCM State Certificates of Excellence and a National Gold Medal. In 2020, the RCM selected Greg as the teacher of distinction for the South Eastern region of the USA. He lives in Northern Virginia, where he is sought after as a teacher, lecturer, accompanist and performer. He is the founder of the Piano Express group method and a co-founder of GroupLessons.com.

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