303: Integrated Music Teaching in Action

In today’s episode, we continue to talk about the Integrated Music Teaching method. We are going to let you hear some integrations in actual lessons that I’ve taught. I thought this would be really instructive for those of you who are still wondering how this actually looks and sounds in a lesson. 

  • How to teach our intermediate students in an integrated way.
  • Ideas on how students learn best through connections.
  • Basic ways that you can do integration across the four disciplines of technique, repertoire, creativity, and functional skills.
  • Watch my lesson with Jono where I use a creative activity of improvisation in harmony to cement his knowledge of the G harmonic and melodic minor scale. 
  • Watch my lesson with Finn where you’ll hear a variety of integrations between repertoire and improv scales and theory. 

Integrated Music Teaching in Action Videos

Janna explains IMT from an intermediate repertoire perspective

Integrated Music Teaching – Jono
Integrated Music Teaching – Finn

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