301: The 3 Pillars of Integrated Music Teaching

Our exploration on integrated music teaching starts with an overview of the three pillars, which will provide the foundation for you to successfully use this approach in your own teaching. We will explore student first or student-centered teaching, multimodal assessment and questions that build curiosity. And we will look at ways that you can implement them in your own studio.

  • The 3 key principles / pillars you need to implement the integrated music teaching model in your studio.
  • Understanding student-led teaching.
  • Goals that are crucial for students to be successful in a lifelong music-making journey. 
  • The three key psychological needs for students to feel motivated.
  • Exploring the multi-modal assessment.
  • Examples of other possibilities for assessments.
  • The importance of asking questions to build curiosity.
  • Sample questions you can ask to build curiosity from your students.

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