10 of the Best Piano Pieces for Boys by… Geri Rea

This is the first in a new series of articles I’ll be writing featuring my favourite piano pieces for boys by a variety of Australian and International composers.

I had the fortune to meet Geri Rea at a piano teachers’ PD day at the Convention Centre in Melbourne 2010.

Geri is a talented teacher and composer who lives in Newcastle, NSW who has written a number of books of music, mainly for students around Preliminary – Grade 1/2 level (late elementary – early intermediate).

I’ve  been teaching with three of her books in my studio since 2010 and have chosen what I believe to be the top 10 best pieces for boys from:

  1. Surfing, Sailing, Sprinting
  2. The Playground
  3. World in Harmony

Here’s a quick look at the pieces:

Who does the music suit?

Geri’s music will instantly appeal to all children, teens and adults, with the Surfing, Sailing & Sprinting book a particular favourite amongst my male students (children and teens).

World in Harmony is a great book for exploring the sounds of other countries and the pieces would instantly suit a themed recital “Around the World” or similar.

The Playground is great for any school-aged children and features music in a variety of styles, harmonies and speeds.

Grade 1 Exam Piece – TCL

I was really excited to find out that one of Geri’s pieces from “World in Harmony” has been featured in Trinity College’s Grade 1 piano books. The piece is called Red Square March.

beginner piano sheet music

This is a great indicator of the quality of Geri’s music and I’m sure more exam boards will pick up her music in the future.

Where can I purchase it?

When you become a member of my Inner Circle Community, you get free access to Surfing, Sailing and Sprinting with a full studio licence.

Click below to find out more about all the great benefits of membership:

For Geri’s other books, head to her website: Piano for Schools to order your books.

Got any questions?

Let me know below 🙂