#057: Beginner Guitar Secrets Unveiled: Exploring Online Funnels & Facebook Ads with Den Lopez

In today’s episode, we unlock some beginner guitar secrets and explore the world of online funnels and Facebook ads with our returning guest, Den Lopez. We had a great discuss about the power of overcoming scarcity mindset, the transformative impact of investing in programs and mentors, and the importance of nurturing strong client relationships for your business success. We also discussed a comprehensive overview of Facebook ads and Google ads, equipping you with the knowledge to amplify your marketing efforts. Den generously shares his funnel marketing strategy that has propelled his own business to unparalleled heights.

Additionally, we share invaluable tips on writing, creating, marketing, and distributing your book online, leveraging platforms like Facebook ads to reach a global audience. Get ready to unlock a world of networking opportunities through online marketing ads. Finally, don’t miss my irresistible offer tailored exclusively for guitar teachers on Facebook ads. Get ready to unravel beginner guitar secrets in this power-packed episode!

  • Some exciting breakthroughs that Den have been made since his last appearance on the podcast.
  • Michael reveals how he became an exceptional coach for guitar students.
  • An enlightening discussion about scarcity mindset.
  • Michael’s irresistible offer for guitar teachers on Facebook ads.
  • How investing in programs and mentors can pave the way to a thriving and successful business.
  • A brief, comprehensive overview of how Facebook ads and Google ads work.
  • The importance of fostering strong client relationships and the impact it has on your business success.
  • Den shared his funnel marketing strategy his own successful business.
  • Tips to successfully creating, marketing and distributing your book online, including leveraging platforms like Facebook ads to reach a global audience.
  • Michael shared an online community platform for creators called Skool.
  • How online marketing ads unlocks a world of networking opportunities.

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Today’s Guest

Den López from Barcelona, Spain is a guitar teacher, musician, loving husband, and a father of 2 boys. He is the founder of Learning Guitar Secrets where he helps wanna-be and beginner guitarists become the players they dream of. He started playing at the age of 14 and has been heavily influenced by players like Clapton, Gilmour, and Hendrix.

After releasing his first studio album, he decided it was time to teach others what he knew. Hearing that 90-95% of the people who start playing quit, he became obsessed with finding the little tricks, the wins, and the easiest frameworks beginners needed to succeed. Although he has only been active in the online business for less than a year, he has put out 3 courses, a podcast, and has gained a following of 10k on Facebook. He is currently working on his next projects: a challenge and a membership.

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