#052: A Blueprint for Your Music Teaching Success with Wendy Brentnall-Wood

In today’s episode, we delve into the world of music education with Wendy Brentnall-Wood. Wendy takes us on her inspiring journey, transitioning from a musician to a successful business coach and entrepreneur. As both a teacher and business owner, she shares her valuable insights on curriculum development, emphasizing the key elements necessary for a thriving and effective music teaching approach. We also dive into the impact of easily accessible information through digital platforms, examining its implications for students’ learning experiences.

Wendy also offers practical strategies for enhancing student retention and fostering long-term engagement. Additionally, we discuss the importance of cultivating a supportive and optimal environment for students. We also uncover the gems of wisdom from her book, “Music Teaching Made Profitable.” Tune in to gain valuable insights and a dose of inspiration from Wendy Brentnall-Wood as she imparts her wisdom to aspiring music educators.

  • Wendy shared her inspiring journey from musician to business coach and entrepreneur.
  • She shares her methods as a teacher and business owner, discussing the structure and essential elements of a successful curriculum.
  • The changes she believes have occurred in the music education industry over the past five to ten years.
  • Wendy highlights the consistent observations she has made throughout her entire teaching career from a musical educator’s perspective.
  • Her perspective on the impact of easy access to information through platforms like YouTube, assessing whether it is beneficial or detrimental for students.
  • Effective strategies for guitar teachers and music teachers to enhance student retention and foster long-term learning engagement.
  • Reflecting on the type of environment you are cultivating for your students and exploring ways to optimize and enhance their experience at your studio.
  • Wendy shares insights into her book, “Music Teaching Made Profitable,” providing valuable guidance for music educators.
  • The common mistakes made by guitar teachers and music teachers when starting their own ventures.
  • One essential piece of advice from her book that everyone should know.
  • Wendy shares how she determine common pain points and interests to create courses that address those specific needs.
  • How she successfully build her program and attract a substantial client base of music teachers, leveraging her reputation and brand as an expert in the field.
  • One last piece of advice from Wendy for the listeners.

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#052: A Blueprint for Your Music Teaching Success with Wendy Brentnall-Wood

Music has always been in Wendy’s blood. And her passion for teaching grew as she discovered the benefits it gave her and others. With expertise from teaching and playing multiple instruments, creating music programs, growing music schools, mentoring music teachers, and being an international author, there is little Wendy doesn’t know about educating people on making music a part of their life and reaping the many benefits as a music teacher. Her career has taken her into schools, kindergartens, retail studios and her community. With qualifications of a B.Mus.Ed, A.Mus.A, ANZCA Examiner, and coach and experience on a variety of committees, as a board director and company CEO, Wendy is truly an expert in her field.

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