#051: BiteSize Guitar Teaching with Michael Haworth

In today’s episode, our guest Michael Haworth of BiteSize Guitar joins us as we delve into his incredible journey from guitarist to teacher, spanning over two decades of professional experience. Discover how his teaching approach has evolved over the years, from humble beginnings to becoming an experienced educator. Gain valuable insights from Michael as he shares his expertise with us. Explore the profound impact of learning a musical instrument on the brain and also unlock its remarkable cognitive benefits. Get inspired by Michael’s passion and vision behind BiteSize Guitar and unravel the significance of ear training in the realm of guitar playing. Tune in as we embark on an enriching exploration of creativity, improvisation, and music theory with Michael Haworth.

  • Michael shared his inspiring journey from guitarist to teacher, spanning over 20 years of professional teaching experience.
  • How has his teaching approach evolved over the past 22 years, from his early days of teaching on the side to now, where he possesses extensive experience and his own of book.
  • Michael shared his insights on pulse, rhythm, and pitch, along with some engaging games he utilizes with his students.
  • Discover the profound impact of learning a musical instrument on the brain and its remarkable cognitive benefits.
  • Contemplating upon how you want to be remembered as a teacher – as the one who ignited creativity or the one who made music a dull and unengaging experience for children.
  • Michael shared his inspiration behind BiteSize Guitar.
  • The significance of ear training in guitar playing.
  • Explore Michael’s approach to creativity, improvisation, and music theory.
  • One last piece of wisdom from Michael to the listeners.

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#051: BiteSize Guitar Teaching with Michael Haworth

Michael Haworth studied music at GCSE and A level and graduated from The University Of Salford in 1997 with a BA(Hons) degree in Popular Music & Recording. He has been teaching guitar to pupils of all ages since the early 1990s. He currently works as a peripatetic music teacher for the Lancashire Music Service where he teaches one-to-one pupils, small groups and whole class instrumental lessons as well as private lessons to pupils all over the world. Michael also plays and records with local bands and performs in various shows as a pit band musician.

His book, BiteSize Guitar, was published in 2019. Aimed at beginners of all ages, it is the perfect resource for guitar teachers looking for an engaging syllabus with a smooth progression curve. It takes the student from complete novice to intermediate guitarist in 30 easy-to-follow lessons. Each short piece introduces the learner to a new concept and has its own ‘pastiche style’ backing track, providing the student with the skills they require to learn and develop independently as a musician.

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