#046: Unlock the Secrets of Building a Music School with Jonny Wilson: A Must-Listen Episode Worth $10,000!

Looking to turn your passion for music into a thriving business? Tune in to this episode featuring Jonny Wilson, the mastermind behind Build a Music School and Goodtime Foundation. With his proven track record of building a successful music school and online coaching business, Jonny shares his valuable insights and lessons learned along the way that helped him grow his business into seven figures. Get ready to learn the secrets to growing your studio and building a music school of your own. If you’re ready to take your music career to the next level, this episode is a must-listen!

  • Jonny shared a brief overview of his background and journey so far.
  • The story behind the creation and successful establishment of his music school, including his motivation for starting it.
  • His journey from being a musician to becoming a business owner, including his unique approach to music and teaching.
  • The value of personal and professional growth in transforming into a better and improved version of yourself.
  • Jonny’s perspective on the distinctions between five-figure, six-figure, and seven-figure music educators and entrepreneurs.
  • The process of how his Goodtime Academy evolved and expanded into a thriving seven-figure enterprise.
  • Discover the key to finding and recruiting the ideal individuals for your enterprise.
  • Explore the steps involved in purchasing a music school.
  • The story behind selling his music academy and his involvement with it at the moment.
  • Jonny shared some valuable insights and fundamental lessons that Jonny learned throughout his journey.
  • Practical tips and guidance on how to expand your studio.
  • His thoughts on group lesson programs and student retention in group settings.
  • The criteria for becoming qualified to offer business coaching advice.
  • His initial shift towards music school and online business coaching.
  • Jonny tells us about his experience at the first ever #BAMSQUAD conference held this year.
  • Valuable advice on choosing between an in-person, online, or hybrid business model.
  • A final nugget of wisdom from Jonny to the listeners.

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Today’s Guest

#046: Unlock the Secrets of Building a Music School with Jonny Wilson: A Must-Listen Episode Worth $10,000!

Jonny Wilson is the founder of Build a Music School and Goodtime Foundation. His musical journey started with a music teacher that totally changed his life. After completing his music degree, he decided that he wanted to build a music academy so he could also make a massive impact in young people’s lives through music. In 2009, he launched Goodtime Music Academy. In less than 10 years, his tiny music school with just 30 students, scaled to over 7 figures, grew from 30 to 2,000+ students and a team of over 50 people.Goodtime Music Academy became New Zealand’s largest private music school.

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