#033: Making It Easy for Your Students in Learning Guitar Chords with Francesco Barone

Learn a different guitar methodology of teaching students, children and adults, with our podcast guest today, Dr Francesco Barone. Dr Barone is a classical guitar teacher turned author who shares distinct characteristics of his methodology and interesting information on his books with us today. He also gives us great ideas, advice and tips for teaching guitar chords and publishing a book under Amazon.

  • His journey from a guitar player to teacher, and now author.
  • The genesis of his book, Guitar Chords and Context.
  • The Suzuki Method, its components and aspects, and how students learn using this methodology.
  • The new book he’s writing about the methodology he uses for teaching adults.
  • Unique characteristics of his teaching guitar methodology for adults.
  • Ideas on sequencing that contemporary players can learn from and reflect upon.
  • Distinct topics discussed in his book, Guitar Chords in Context.
  • Examples of easy pieces people can play with the simple guitar chords.
  • The story of what pushed him to rebrand and re-write his book.
  • Advice for people who want to release a book under Amazon and its difference from traditional publishing.
  • Deciding between releasing an ebook and a physical book.
  • Tips for promoting your book and putting it out in the market.
  • Recommended books for guitar players and teachers
  • Words of wisdom on investing in your education for music and guitar teachers.

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Today’s Guest

#033: Making It Easy for Your Students in Learning Guitar Chords with Francesco Barone

Award-winning guitarist Francesco Barone has performed throughout the United States as a soloist and chamber musician. He has been presented at guitar festivals and societies in New England including the Connecticut Guitar Society, New England Guitar Society and Hartt School Guitar Festival. He has also performed nationally through the classical music startup Groupmuse.

Dr. Barone was a prizewinner in the Philadelphia Classical Guitar Society Guitar Competitio. He was featured on a La Bella Strings sponsored concert and has had performances broadcasted on NPR. He received a DMA and MM from The Hartt School, University of Hartford where he studied with Richard Provost. His treatise on the Russian guitar composer Nikita Koshkin was the first to analyze his music and discuss one of the composer’s chamber works.

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