#028: Teaching Composition and Creativity with Gilbert Isbin

When should guitar teachers start working on composition and creativity with students and how can you teach it? How can you get published and market your business or book? These are just some of the interesting questions that Gilbert Isbin, guitarist and composer, answers in this week’s podcast. If you’re looking to get published or just wanting to learn how you can teach composition and creativity to your students, listen to this episode and find out what Gilbert’s tips are for guitar teachers like you.

  • Gilbert gives us a rundown on his story so far, from performing and creativity and composition, right up to what he’s doing now in the education space.
  • How he got published by one of the biggest publishers, Malbay.
  • The advantage of publishing with Kindle and selling on Amazon.
  • He shares what a loot is and how it differs to a classical guitar.
  • Tips for marketing your music and business.
  • Gilbert tells us more about his book, The Composing Guitarist: An Easy Approach.
  • His thoughts on creativity and when teachers should start working on composition and creativity with their students.
  • Sample activities and exercises teachers can do to start nurturing creativity within their students.
  • Why singing with your guitar is important.

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Today’s Guest

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‘Belgian guitarist Gilbert Isbin is one of the most interesting, dynamic and poetic composers writing for the guitar today.’ (Mel Bay) Isbin’s compositional and performing style defies genre, blending elements of contemporary classical, jazz, early music, world music and improvisation. In favorable comparisons with the likes of Ralph Towner and Egberto Gismonti, his music has been described as “oblique, subtle, and hauntingly beautiful.”

His compositions, more than 400, for guitar, lute, ukulele, theorbo, renaissance guitar, baroque guitar, bass and ensemble, songs, are published by Mel Bay, Edizioni Curci (Berben), The UK Lute Society, Lantro Music, Golden River Music, Kameleon Editions  Auurk Ed, VRT Publishing.  

He has performed on festivals and major venues throughout Europe and the US with Cameron Brown, Joe Fonda, Scott Walton, Hugh Hopper, Jeff Gauthier, Vinny Golia, Ernst Reijseger, Michel Godard, Sandro Di Stefano Bruce Arnold, Jie Ma, Alex Cline, Wolfgang Reisinger.

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