#025: How to 10X your Guitar Teaching with Eric Stone

In today’s episode, we’re talking all about how to 10x your guitar teaching with Eric Stone. Eric is a music teacher who has not just taught hundreds of guitar players but also transcended that role by going into authoring four books on guitar playing. With over 20 years of experience in the teaching business, he has amazing things to share with us on the podcast today. We’ll talk about his story and some tips to make your music playing come alive. He also shares with us how to navigate the hurdles of being a modern guitar player and so much more!

  • Eric shares how he started playing guitar, became a guitar teacher, moved to Hollywood to become a musician, and then becoming an author.
  • The connections of different genres in music no matter how different they are.
  • The most important lesson Eric learned in helping you make your music come alive.
  • Eric shares what his first book, The Beginner Guitar Emergency Survival System, is all about.
  • Things teachers could do better to help beginner guitar students navigate the hurdles of being a modern guitar player.
  • The three I’s methodology for learning and advancing as a guitar player.
  • Three tips for guitar teachers to better help their students.

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#025: How to 10X your Guitar Teaching with Eric Stone

Eric Stone is the author of 10X Guitar, 101 Ways to Transform Your Guitar Playing, and The Beginning Guitar Emergency Survival System. Originally from Philadelphia, Eric now resides outside Denver in Colorado. He successfully taught hundreds of guitar players in his local studio with his step-by-step, fun, and unique approach to playing guitar. Eric attended the Los Angeles College of Music, and he’s also a former schoolteacher with a master’s degree in education from the University of Pennsylvania.

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