#024: Creating A Rockstar Experience For Your Students with Brad Litton

How do we create a rockstar experience for our students? In today’s episode, we’re having a chat with Brad Litton, the owner of Vernal Rock Academy and Simple Guitar. Brad shares his background with us, giving us a little bit of an insight about his past experiences and how he transitioned from being a guitar teacher to a music school owner to the online learning space. He tells us how he takes pride in making sure that his students are having a rockstar experience in his music school.

  • Brad shares his background and his transition from guitar teacher to music school owner.
  • How he took a 2-year break and went back to teaching and opening his school again.
  • What Brad missed most about teaching after his 2-year break.
  • Brad tells us more about his school, the Vernal Rock Academy.
  • Brad shares how they organize gigs for their students.
  • The value of investing in advertising to build relationships with the right people.
  • Some of the actions that Brad took to gain massive growth in his music school.
  • Having a rockstar experience for your students.
  • The hard lesson that he learned when he shut down his school.
  • Importance of teaching your students consistency right from the start of lessons.
  • One piece of wisdom from Brad.

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#024: Creating A Rockstar Experience For Your Students with Brad Litton

Brad Litton has been teaching guitar since 2009 and is committed to helping his students feel like rock stars. He owns a local music school, Vernal Rock Academy. He helps guitar players from all over the world with his website and YouTube channel for SimpleGuitar.com. Apart from playing guitar in bands and writing music, Brad is passionate about the business side of teaching and music business with a special interest in helping others with their businesses.

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