#022: Why Your Students Should Be Practising Less and Playing More feat. Steve Mastroianni

In this episode, we sit down with a successful online teaching guru and author, Steve Mastroianni. Steve shares his journey from being a rockstar guitarist to building his business and becoming a best-selling author. Steve has become a go-to source for musicians looking to expand their playing ability and becoming better musicians. Listen in as he tells us why our students should be practising less and playing more. We discuss his story and what it was like opening up for Kiss on tour and how he was led in a completely different direction to start his own business and write his books. He shares how he took what he learned from that experience and how he is now passing it on to others. 

  • Steve’s journey so far from being a guitar player to online teaching guru and now, a best-selling author.
  • Sharing the foundation of his business and how it evolved.
  • Steve talks about his business model.
  • What is Rockstar Mind?
  • Steve’s experience opening for Kiss on tour and the things he’s learned from it.
  • What it was like for him changing direction from working, touring, and playing guitar to becoming a caregiver for his dad and now teaching others to become rockstars.
  • What led Steve to write Practice Less, Play More and his philosophy behind it.
  • The benefits of playing and learning the guitar.
  • Steve tells us about his 2nd book, Hobby Boss, which he wrote during the pandemic.
  • Steve’s Advice or process for people who want to write a book or those that have a book and want to get it out.
  • How mentorship has been an important part of his journey.
  • Learning which ideas to pursue as an entrepreneur.
  • One final bit of wisdom to impart to the listeners.

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Why Your Students Should Be Practising Less and Playing More feat. Steve Mastroianni Guest

Steve Mastroianni is based in Toronto, Canada and has helped hundreds of people achieve their ideal outcome in various fields, such as music, multimedia, and business. A passionate father, husband, author, coach, student, and philanthropist, Steve is an expert at simplifying complex topics, so his students take action and get the results they desire.

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