#021: Lessons From a Third Generation Music Teacher Turned Tech Guru with Eric Branner

My guest today is tech guru, Eric Branner. Eric is a successful guitar teacher who decided to make the jump into the tech world and build Fons, a platform that helps music school owners turns hours of admin work into a few taps of an app. Listen in and be inspired as Eric shares his story, the lessons he’s learned along the way and some tips for raising your prices as a guitar teacher. He also shares the importance of mentorship and custom coaching, common mistakes guitar teachers make when dealing with the business side of their studios, and much more!

  • Eric’s story from guitar teacher to building a tech startup, Fons.
  • How mentorship and custom coaching played an important role in his journey.
  • Learning how to identify great ideas to pursue.
  • Common mistakes guitar teachers make when dealing with the business side of their studios.
  • Tips for raising your prices as a guitar teacher.
  • A glimpse of what Eric’s personal teaching and music school business looks like at the moment.
  • The impact that one teacher can do for a single person.
  • What is Fons and how is it different from other platforms for music teachers?
  • Eric shares how he built a great Facebook community.
  • Mindset shifts he had to go through to transition from a solo guitar teacher to running his own team.
  • Advice for music school owners who want to experience massive growth.
  • Eric tells us about the mistakes that he has learned the most from.
  • One final bit of wisdom to impart to the listeners.

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Today’s Guest

Guitar 21 - Lessons From a Third Generation Music Teacher Turned Tech Guru Guest

Eric Branner, a guitar teacher, CEO and Founder of fons.com, a third-generation music educator, owner of Blackforrest Music School, and the author of the Blackforrest Guitar Companion. Eric has taught millions of people to play guitar through private lessons and via his YouTube channel.

In 2016, Eric founded the technology company, Fons – built  to automate and streamline the business operations of his music school. Since launching, Fons has extended their reach to many knowledge and appointment-based businesses, such as tutoring, coaching, wellness, and training. Fons currently manages over 25k lessons, and processes over $1M in transactions each month.

Eric is passionate about elevating the knowledge-sharing industry’s level of professional compensation, operation, and image. Eric is the immediate past president of the Seattle Music Teachers Association and speaks regularly at colleges & events. He has appeared on over 20 podcasts and still teaches 12-15 private students each week. He lives in Seattle, WA with his wife Alyson, children Edie and Huck, and dog Happy. 

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