#020: How to Help Your Students Build Unstoppable Confidence with Brett Cusack

My guest today, Brett Cusack, is a musician, mindset mentor, and music educator. He founded the Glitter Fox Studios and The Confident Musician – a mindset coaching and professional training company for advanced and professional musicians. Brett is going to share his story with us and the ups and downs he has been through. He also shares how he is guiding and inspiring his students and professionals in the business to develop their love for music, thrive in what they do, and build unstoppable confidence, too.

  • Brett gives us a brief overview of how he started playing the guitar to building and running his own music studio.
  • He shares how he’s trying to find the right balance as an artist, music educator, and life coach.
  • The hurdles he came across that prompted him to look for help as a music teacher and a business owner.
  • Helping students make analogies and connections of what they love to music.
  • Brett shares how he generates leads and finds students for his school.
  • The benefits of advertising for music teachers.
  • How mentoring has helped him grow as a person and as a musician.
  • Advice for people who think that programs that help you grow as business owner are too good to be true.
  • The story of his big move to the Gold Coast and shifting to an online business, starting from zero again.
  • Brett tells us more about his new project, The Confident Musician.
  • Building unstoppable confidence and working on your mindset to flourish in your career.
  • Practical advice for teachers on reshaping and redefining the perception of their students in terms of their ability to learn guitar, succeed on the instrument, or even go forward and achieve substantial things.
  • Things we can explore and try with our students in the subjects of human behavior and psychology behind teaching.
  • One final piece of advice for our guitar teacher listeners.

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Today’s Guest

Guitar 20 - How to Help Your Students Build Unstoppable Confidence with Brett Cusack - Guest

Brett Cusack AKA Megalove is an internationally successful musician and educator with over 20 years experience in music, human behaviour and music education. He is an accomplished teacher, producer, touring, recording artist and entrepreneur. Brett loves guiding and inspiring others to overcome self-doubt and overwhelm and build unstoppable confidence than you ever thought possible.

Brett holds a Graduate Diploma of Education at the University of Melbourne and a Bachelor’s Degree of Music Performance. Throughout his years as a performer and educator, Brett identified the greatest challenges for musicians the world over is their mental game. He now dedicates his life to helping others across the world develop the skills to lead lives of inspiration, doing what they love and truly understand their place in the world and make meaningful contributions to make the world a better place. 

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