#015: From The Archives: An Interview With Australian Guitar Royalty feat. Michael Dolce

Australian Guitar Royalty Michael Dolce shares his experience in playing for The Voice Australia. Listen to this episode as he shares the various jobs he has had, the lessons he took, the important people who helped and taught him along the way, to why he continues to practice playing everyday. We have so much lessons to learn from his journey and you’ll get that all in this episode.

  • Michael shares his experience in playing for The Voice Australia.
  • The story of how he made his way to become a session guitar player.
  • He shares the various jobs he had, guitar lessons he took, and the people who’ve helped him in his journey.
  • Michael shares why he continues to practice playing his guitar everyday.
  • The importance of maintaining healthy relationships with the people you work with.
  • The biggest hurdle in his journey.
  • Biggest lesson he has learned at The Voice.
  • His future plans beyond The Voice.
  • Tips for working with brands.
  • Gear he recommends.
  • 10 important things aspiring guitar players should know if they had the ambitions of being a professional player or semi-professional hobby player enthusiast.
  • The most important lesson he has learned in his journey.
  • Advice he would give to the younger version of himself.

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Michael Dolce was heavily influenced by his dad, strumming and singing Italian folk songs and the odd country tune of guitar at the age of six. At 15, he left school to pursue a trade as a cabinet maker. But he still retained his passion for guitar by playing with local cover bands. At the age of 20, Michael decided to give up his trade to pursue his dream of becoming a full-time guitarist. 

An opportunity arose in 1991 when local singer songwriter Hugh Wilson appeared on the popular television show ‘Starsearch’ and won the series. Hugh and manager Glenn Wheatley approached Michael to join him in his band. This led to an amazing nine months of recording of three singles, an album, recording film clips and extensive touring. Over the next 30 years, Michael further established himself with a solid career as a session guitarist by playing and recording for many Top 10 National and International artists. His playing credits today include the TV show The Voice (Australia), Delta Goodrem, Keith Urban, Lionel Richie, Seal, Roachford, Mica Paris and more. 

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