#014: Creative Ways to Keep Your Students Engaged in Both Online & Offline Learning with Vanessa Munns

In this episode, I’ve invited Vanessa Munns to share her tips and tricks to keep your students engaged in learning music both offline and online. Vanessa practices whole body learning and uses creative tools to make learning fun and exciting for students. Today, you’re going to learn what she actually did to increase her business even at a time of uncertainty during the COVID pandemic and how she has maintained a thriving studio to date.

  • Vanessa gives us an overview of her business so far.
  • Vanessa shares with us the look of her studio before and during COVID.
  • How COVID impacted her business.
  • Tips for reaching new leads and clients to grow your business.
  • Vanessa tells us more about her sip and strum sessions, how she set it up, and how students responded to it.
  • Whole body learning and using different and creative things and ideas to teach music.
  • One final piece of wisdom for guitar players, guitar teachers, or music teachers in general.

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Vanessa Munns is the music teacher behind Mrs Munns Music Studio. Located in the town of Beacon in the Central Wheatbelt of Western Australia, the hybrid studio offers both online lesson and face-to-face formats. This includes traveling to neighbouring towns in the Wheatbelt.  Educated at ANU, with First class Honours in Biochemical Science, with a major in Music Theory/History, Vanessa specialises in beginner to intermediate musicians on Piano, violin, guitar. With her Forte Music School’s outreach scholarship, Vanessa has been able to offer a developmental music program, Jungle Music, to her rural region. As a Guitar Ninja Licence Teacher of mainly primary school age students, Vanessa has been able to modernise her approach to guitar teaching. Her philosophy is that “Every child/student is a musician no matter how they learn.”  

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