#010: Building Your Audience on Social Media feat. Brocha Kahan

So many of us and our businesses have been affected by the COVID pandemic. Brocha Kahan is no exception. From having a successful studio, she went back to zero when the pandemic hit. And what she did soon after will inspire you. This is the story she shares with us in this episode today. Now, Brocha has achieved her target of $100,000 sales in the online space while being a mum to two kids. Listen in to see what she did, how she did it, and get insights and tips in building your audience on social media from Brocha’s experiences and knowledge in our interesting conversation.

  • Brocha’s story of losing students because of the COVID pandemic.
  • How studying online marketing led her to teach other music teachers grow their social media and marketing systems.
  • An update on what Brocha is working on at the moment.
  • The importance of social media to guitar teachers and music studio owners in 2022.
  • The best platforms to use.
  • Tips to get more traffic, traction, or students from TikTok.
  • 3 things guitar teachers or music studio owners can do for Instagram this year.
  • Common mistakes people make with social media.
  • Advice for people who are feeling overwhelmed trying to juggle three or four platforms at the same time.
  • How Brocha achieved $100,000 worth of sales in the online space while being a busy mum.
  • The importance of getting coaching and mentoring to her success.
  • Hiring coaches to uplevel your skills and knowledge.

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Brocha Kahan is a heart-centred online business strategist and coach for music teachers. She helps music teachers create and grow their online presence and programs with the power of social media. Brocha approaches online business growth with a holistic approach, combining mindset, powerful strategy and big vision to create the music business of your wildest dreams. Brocha’s clients see big results quickly because of her tailored approach to each person’s specific business model and goals. The best place to find out more about her work and client results is on instagram @iambrocha or in her Facebook group Music Teachers Guide to Social Media.

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